time for summer

Welp… my first college semester and I guess what you would consider my freshman (semester) year is officially over. And at the peak of my enjoyment, at that! I feel like I was finally finding my niche in College Station. I guess that’s the bad thing about starting college in the Spring, as opposed to the Fall. Having a freshman semester instead of a freshman year just leaves less time to get situated and adjusted.

I really do love College Station and A&M but I am glad it’s summer and I’m home. Time to slow down a bit.

My plan for this summer is to take two math classes at the community college here. And hopefully I don’t get another Iranian electrical engineer teaching my class. One time is enough. Aside from the classes, I was also planning on getting a job. But I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to go down since I don’t know my class schedule, yet. That’s pretty much the serious portion of my summer.

On the other hand, I have things that I actually want to do. Such as reading (books that I choose!), going to Schlitterbahn, helping at my church, and seeing my friends who live down here. With summer being 3 months, I should be able to easily satisfy this list. I plan on these three months being pretty productive.

I just wish I could add ‘traveling’ to this list. Oh, how I want to travel, but am unable to! The most traveling I will be doing this summer is heading up to Austin with a friend for a Matt & Kim concert.

Reading! It’s definitely one of my favorite things, but I’ve been unable to read what I want to read this semester. Who would have thought school required so much time?! Ha. But here is my tentative reading schedule:

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde (currently reading)

2. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

3. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Aaaand that’s all I got as of right now. No doubt that list will grow to the point of overflowing, where I have too many books and not enough time to finish them. I’ll keep you updated.

Schlitterbahn! A summer essential. I love Schlitterbahn. What’s better than a freezing water slide in the middle of the hot Texas summer? Very, very few things. I wanted to find an picture that fully illustrates how much fun Schlitterbahn is. A simple google image search rendered this:



If that’s not the personification of fun and excitement, I don’t know what is! It’s certainly not fear on her face. Why would you even think that? Ha. Yeah right. I think you can say she’s obviously having Schlitter-Fun! When you’re finished clearing your eyes of the tears that the laughter from that joke provided, just move right on down to the next paragraph.

So this summer is a two-headed beast. With school and work on one side. Bleh! And fun stuff on the other. Yea! At least it will be productive, eh?


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Semester off. In between high school and college.
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