Bucket List: Entry #1

A “bucket list” is a list of things a person wants to do before they die. It’s also a movie with Morgan Freeman, but that’s not important right now. Every person has at least a few things they wish to do before dying. I have much more than a few. I’m always thinking of things that I want to do, but before now, I’ve never put it into words. So I’m going to put them on here. Here’s my first one:

travel to every continent (except Antarctica):

Yep. I want to travel to every continent that isn’t Antarctica. Unless there’s a breakthrough of some kind and I’m able to stay in Antarctica comfortably OR global warming does its thing and Antarctica becomes a beautiful vacation spot. But if those things don’t happen, I will just plan on visiting 6 or the continents.

Before, I have expressed my love for traveling on here. It’s really my favorite thing to do, so this just makes sense. I don’t think many people are able to do this in their lifetime and I believe that’s unfortunate. After I visit all the continents, I may then shoot for all of the countries. Who knows? I just know I want to travel often in my life.


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Semester off. In between high school and college.
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