things i like tuesday


I believe a key facet to my life and the lives around me is commonly overlooked and, at some points, even disliked. Education is something most Americans take for granted. They complain about having to wake up every day to go do something that people in other countries long for. Less than 2% of the people in the world have the opportunity to attend college. And the amount of kids that graduate grade school isn’t a much larger percentage than that. It is sad that there are kids around the world that will walk miles and miles every day to attend school, but Americans complain and do everything they can to “skip” school because they think they have better things to do.

I began summer school today and I was reminded that I am blessed to be able to go to school. I love that there is a place I can learn. I love that there are professors that genuinely care about me growing in knowledge. I love the education that I am able to get and I hope that it never becomes something that I expect or feel like I deserve.


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Semester off. In between high school and college.
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