I need Him like water




I ran today, just as I do every day. Today I ran at 4pm, in the 95 degree, South Texas heat. So as you can imagine, as I finished up my 36-minute, 4 mile run, I was exhausted and in desperate want of water. And as I came to the very last portion my run, the final song I listened to on my iPod came on. The song was “Gotta Know” by Lecrae. In the song Lecrae, talking about God, raps the words ” You know I need you like aqua”.

How true this is! And how appropriate it is that the song came on at that moment, when I want most desperate for the only thing that could revive my spirits. If we ever tried to just live, much less do some energy-intensive activity without water, we would quickly discover that we wouldn’t make it. Water is such a large part of our lives:

  • It is inside of us.
  • It is all around us.
  • If we don’t have it, we get sick/die.
  • It is a pretty major component of a lot of the things that we use each and every day.
  • I could go on and on…

I see you making the connections in your mind as you read this. God and water are similar in these ways.

  • If you’re saved, Christ lives inside of you. (1 John 4:16)
  • God is all around us.
  • If our spiritual lives are void of Him, we have a dead faith (James 2:17)
  • God created everything, so… He is kind of a big component of everything. (Genesis 1)
  • Seriously though. I could go on. There’s quite a long list of similarities that I thought of, ala JFK/Lincoln

I was out of breath, covered in sweat and thinking only of water. So I drank water and I was all good again. Who, if they were terribly thirsty, wouldn’t drink water? I know I’ve treated God like that before. My soul is weary and craving Him and His Word, but I dismiss the feeling and did something else. That’s so dangerous. It’s risky. It’s not worth it. Why deliberately skip something that your soul can not live without? He is God and He is – should be – the number one thing in your life. You should always be talking to Him and digging in His word. Don’t go a day without this stuff. I mean, you wouldn’t go without drinking water would you? Of course not, That’s crazy!

So if you’re lacking something in your life, feel weary and far from Him, or have been putting other things above him, get at Him! Forget everything else and just get at Him! Stop making excuses and wasting your time – because that is what your time is when it’s away from Him. Water is key to life. God is an even more important key to life. Just as our body needs water, we need Him. So, Lecrae was absolutely right. We need You like aqua!


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Semester off. In between high school and college.
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